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                         In Honor Of Jesse Hope

The Old Quindaro Museum and Information Center would like to thank Dr.  Dawson, direct descent of Mother Elizabeth Thomas, seeker of freedom displayed in the museum, for completing the application for recognition with the U.S. Department of Interior national UNDERGROUND RAILROAD network to freedom.  


Quindaro is dear to the Wyandot Nation of Kansas for the town was built on Wyandot allotment ground and named after one of its own, Nancy Quindaro Brown.   The town’s name Quindaro was taken from the traditional Wyandot clan name meaning bundle of sticks; often interpreted as “strength through union”.   


From the town’s beginning in 1856 it was the only free-state river port and played a key role in the Underground Railroad by providing safe harbor for slaves seeking freedom and safety through the Underground Railroad.  Contrary to the false tales of the white man that the natives were savages, the Wyandot’s embraced ‘those of the earth’ and adopted them into the family of Quindaro.  For those wanting to continue their journey north, the Wyandot’s of Kansas provided safe passage to the Underground Railroad.  


Over 155 years later the bond between the Wyandot Nation of Kansas and the town of Quindaro continue its sacred union and are proud to be part of the network to freedom. For more information on the Wyandot Nation of Kansas contribution to Quindaro, please see the display featured in the Old Quindaro Museum.